December 13, 2016

SMART Boards

SMART Collaborate Naturally

SMART Board Sales and Integration by Sharp’s Audio Visual

Sharp’s Audio Visual is a Canadian Leader of SMART Boards sales and integration. We specialize in SMART Board setup for business, education, government and hospitality industries.

SMART Boards for Business

SMART products for business help make your collaboration a visual and interactive experience. Your users will have easy access to your files, an intuitive user interface and simple record keeping capabilities. With a SMART Board in your office your presentations to clients or staff can become dynamic . SMART Boards include in-room, room-to-room or room-to-desktop solutions, which allow your team to work toward a common goal in person or remotely.

SMART Boards for Education

Using technology in teaching has never been so easy with the help of SMART Boards from SMART Technologies. At Sharp’s Audio Visual we can help you take your classroom or school to the next level of productivity and effectiveness.

SMART Boards for Education come with the SMART Learning Suite which includes SMART amp, SMART lab and SMART Notebook. The SMART Learning Suite is designed to amplify collaboration in the classroom.