December 1, 2016

Company History

Sharp's Audio Visual

History of Sharp’s Audio Visual

For 93 years, Sharp’s Audio Visual has been a leader in the development of audio visual solutions in Canada. In 1923, Sharp’s founder, William Henry Bowerman Sharp (1879-1954), embarked on a journey to entertain the masses across the Canadian Prairies with Sharp’s Circuit Shows a traveling moving pictures ensemble. Showing movies from such greats as Buster Keaton and Charlie Chaplin for many years to primarily rural audiences, the need to evolve came with the growth of towns into cities and the development of structured movie theaters. In 1931, with the advent of more local movie houses Sharp’s Circuit Shows morphed in to Sharp’s Theater Supplies to supply theaters with projection, popcorn and soda machines primarily in Alberta and British Columbia. As television emerged in the 1950’s as a competitor to 35mm movies, Sharp’s Theatre Supplies continued its storied diversification into audio visual aids for schools and eventually into the corporate marketplace. In the early 1970’s Sharp’s transformed itself again and became Sharp’s Audio Visual a full service, Audio Visual Sales, Rentals & Event Staging Company.

In September of 2008, a new chapter was written for Sharp’s when operations were merged with a formidable competitor in the former Apex AVSI. Apex, another long standing sentinel in the Canadian landscape had pushed east in 2005 to the Toronto marketplace where they experienced quick success. Sharp’s Audio Visual, led by the former Apex President and CEO, Jeff Faber continued to grow east through Montreal and into Halifax. Jeff ultimately restructured Sharp’s through an asset exchange with AVW Telav, to shed itself from the rentals and staging business and take on their assets from the system integration and design division.

The result is today’s Sharp’s Audio Visual, with a staff of 150, the largest and most skilled audio visual integration and services provider in Canada. With offices in eight cities and a focus on continuous improvement and training for our staff, Sharp’s provides our customers with the best service experience. Our recent success includes multi-million dollar projects in various fields such as kindergarten to grade twelve, corporate environments, digital signage, emergency operations and government.

We pride ourselves on strong manufacturer and customer relationships alike and offer our own brand of customer promise:

  • Conduct business in the full spirit of honest and ethical behavior.
  • Make promises that we WILL keep.
  • Listen to our customers.
  • Deal with complaints quickly and decisively.
  • Respond to requests quickly.
  • ALWAYS be helpful, courteous, and knowledgeable
  • Take the extra step to satisfy our customers.
  • Recognize and reward each other for exceptional customer service.
  • Contribute to a safe, respectful and diverse workplace.